Wellness Services

– Repair undetected nerve damage that is not allowing you to function normally
– Upper Cervical Specific  & Toggle Recoil Technique
– Weight loss through reduction of toxins and impurities
– Sacro Occipital Technique
– Applied Kinesiology
– Craniosacral Technique
– Extremity Adjusting (shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle)
– Nutritional Testing
– Gentle care for children and Mom’s to be

Acupressure Massage:
This is a way to increase your body’s ability to function and decrease stress in a natural way using the healing ability that we were all born with.

Your ability to function is based on your nervous system’s capability  to send and receive messages. When the messages get through, you have normal function. This is truly what health is. You can successfully cover up a symptom if you take enough chemicals or pills. That is what disease maintenance is. Much like pain from a toothache, a symptom is the last stage of a disease process. If you can find out the root cause of a symptom you may be able to restore balance to the body and truly be healthy and not just symptom free. There is a natural way that works with the wonderful and incredibly intelligent restorative power of your body’s healing ability. When you regain your ability to heal, truly amazing things can happen. I invite you to come into my wellness office and find out if you can live a different life, a better life.